Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Spirit Highlights Education Initiatives

This season's quarterly edition of Spirit highlights the numerous efforts underway of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada to improve education for all Aboriginal students.

Of special note is the Interactive Online Program helping students with Math that is highlighted in the article.  It is related to yesterday's post about the First Nations Student Success Program's achievements in Numeracy.  Read the latest Fall 2012 Spirit online by clicking here

Imagine that?  Using technology and gaming to support student learning in the 21st Century!  Could you think of a reason why students and teachers wouldn't be behind engaging and motivated learning? Some might say you'd have to dumb, and dumb again to not see the potential for student growth and understanding.

How about when that learning is free!?!  Speaking of which, have you applied for the ExploreLearning REFLEX grant yet?  Each school can get a full year's use of the resource in two of their classrooms, absolutely free.  If you haven't applied, go to this link, as the deadline is September 30th, 2012.  A year's worth of educational growth, learning and fact fluency for your students can be had for not a penny. 

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