Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Are You a Muggle When it Comes to Geocaching?

Geocaching in the Classroom

Imagine geocaching for a grade in school? It's happening more and more. Teachers are tapping into the location-based adventure of geocaching to move their lessons outside of the classroom and into neighborhoods and nature. Geocaching is active learning at its best. Teachers say caching helps combine outdoor activity, team-building and problem-solving with the ability to customize lesson plans to a specific grade level. is here to help teachers build their lesson plans.
Educators can explore a page loaded with resources by checking out our Geocaching and Education page. See ideas on how to use geocaching education kits to supercharge a classroom, camp, or seminar. There's even information for caregivers on hosting educational geocaching events for kids. Teachers can also share ideas, programs, and activities through the Geocaching and Education Forums. Check out and share this resource with the teachers in your life.

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