Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mathletics, First Nations, and Online Learning Success

For those of you who missed it on Monday and Tuesday, here is the article from the FNSSP document and the Fall 2012 edition of Spirit Interactive online math learning and the success that First Nations have had using this type of learning for their students.  You can view it here from its original source or read it in its entirety below.

Students at a community school in Alberta are acing math with the help of a dynamic, online program.

Early in 2011, the Morley school launched Mathletics , an online program for students of all ages. Not only have the school's young students increased their speed and ability to perform mathematical functions, but they have also started to do better in math, many of them for the first time.

"I've heard only positive comments from the students about the Mathletics program," said Danelle Oosterveld, a member of the Stoney Education Authority. "They are all extremely enthusiastic about mastering new skills."

Supported by the First Nation Student Success Program (FNSSP), Mathletics enables students to work at their own pace through 750 online numeracy activities and tutorials. Colourful graphics track students' progress, and visually stimulating animations break operations down into easy-to-follow steps. It's a modern approach to teaching math that enables children to advance rapidly.

"Our students are thriving because of the program's personalized approach. They are solving harder problems and performing faster calculations," said Danelle Oosterveld. "More importantly, they are tasting the excitement of advancing to new levels of skill."

Now, parents are interested in their children's progress, and their involvement is paying off. They are even approaching the teachers to learn more about the program and how they can help their children continue to advance their skills at school and at home.

Ten children at the Morley school have been recognized as top students in Canada based on their skills and participation in Live Math, an interactive part of the Mathletics program that tests students' math abilities against those of other students in the same grade level around the world. By correctly answering math problems, the Morley school students beat out national and international opponents to earn progress certificates and gain recognition on the Mathletics website.

The Morley school students are doing so well that even 3P Learning, the distributor of Mathletics in Canada, is impressed. Several students were able to make it onto the Top 100 list in only a few months.

"FNSSP and Mathletics have enabled us to work within the Alberta curriculum, as well as according to the ability level of each student," said Danelle Oosterveld. "We've seen the students make some really impressive academic gains, which will only become more evident over time."

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