Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What's Your Appitype?

What's Your Appitype?

Your smartphone already says a lot about you and your personality. But what about the applications or apps - loaded on to your device? We think the apps on your mobile reveal just as much, if not more, about the real you! Think of it as your appitype.

So, what does your appitype say about you? Take this quick quiz to discover your appitype.

At the end of the quiz, your appitype will be revealed. Along with it, we'll show you a selection of applications and content for use on your smartphone that have been carefully selected from Ovi Store to meet the needs of your personal appitype. Then, you can go and try the apps for yourself. We'll also make it easy for you to share the results with your friends and coworkers, so you can give your appitype its moment in the spotlight.

When i did the test, it said my appitype was "The Connector".

What's a Connector?
You’re personable, confident and curious. You live by the motto of ‘everything in moderation.’ You have an uplifting and motivating personality with an extraordinary knack for making friends and acquaintances in the online and/or real world. You are likely to have a collection of apps that you use again and again - often carrying fun apps on your phone and apps that may be useful to others. You occasionally download free apps and your app catalogue could certainly be expanded.

What's your appitype?? DO the test and leave a comment with YOUR appitype...

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