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Six Nations District Numeracy Committee Meeting Minutes Wednesday, December 1st, 2011

Six Nations District Numeracy Committee Meeting Minutes

Wed., Dec. 1/2010, 2:30- 4:00 pm

District Teacher Room, J.C. Hill School

In attendance: Joe Restoule General, Marlene Martin, Luanne Martin, Tammy Clause, Anne Noyes, Carrie Froman,

Absent: Alice Anderson, Jessi Skye, Deb Hill

  1. Call to order and agenda approved.
  2. Minutes from last meeting already approved.
  3. Business arising out of the previous minutes

i)DNT to attend PAC- the procedure of this is still unclear and needs to be streamlined due to time. Next PAC is on Dec. 14th.

ii)District Numeracy Plan approval- DNT will e mail draft to superintendent, principals and vice principals for approval

iii)Revision to Terms of Reference- Change “develop PLCs at each school according to school needs” to “schools will share resources to support school PLCs”

Discussed our role in future PD and it was concluded that teachers are already busy, and we only have June 30th left for official PD.

  1. New Business

i)Wiki SN Numeracy Committee- DNT developed this web based space for NC members to discuss posted topics or to post a topic to discuss. Each member has been invited to join the group. Threads have been developed for assessment of learning for math and exemplary comments.

ii) Discussion about future PD and setting up an after school workshop with various topics similar to the Literacy sessions at OMSK last year. Committee is to consider this for future discussion.

iii) PD Times Survey- DNT developed a survey of best times for teacher PD. He will rework this to include ranking the best times. He is also working on PD survey information collected in June.

iv)DeskBook- suggestions to include: a) Big Ideas b) scope & sequence c) three part lesson plan d) Assessment as learning (before- ONAP, Numeracy Nets)

A thread will be put for this on Wikispace and we will discuss more next meeting. May have a working session.

v) Super Source- All schools have this- discussion on whether it needs a

disc to run the program. Will verify this.

vi)DNT to contact Sumona Roy to see if she can present math problem solving/teaching with the three part lesson plan to the committee. However, after discussion it may not be needed. Further discussion required?

  1. Items for next meeting

i) focus will be on report card comments eg. Size of text box, exemplary comments

ii) status of invitation to Sumona Roy

iii) further discussion on functions of committee

iv) status of the Numeracy Plan

v) numeracy wiki

6. Meeting adjourned at 4:00 pm.

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