Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Learning Goals and Success Criteria in Math

Learning Goals and Success Criteria in Math

Nya:weh to Candy Browatzke for sharing this blog post about the tricky nature of using Learning Goals and Success Criteria in a math lesson.  Obviously, the discovery and exploration of math needs to be preserved, so explicitly stating what we want to see students do upfront sort of defeats the purpose of constructing their own learning and concept discovery.

Often this leads to a fail safe method of using the Mathematical Processes as the success critera for the lesson.  We want to see students engaged in the processes in their learning of mathematics, and by doing so we can have them reflect on the criteria we want to see and hear from them as they problem solve.

I'll be checking into this blog more as this post that Candy shared seems just the tip of some great math discussion on the GECDSB Math Coaching blog.

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