Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Student Created Video about Bullying

Hello everyone! My name is Odile Désaulniers, and I am a Secondary 5 student in Quebec City. I created a video about bullying as a personal project. The technique used is stop motion animation, which consists of creating a drawing for each part of a movement and scrolling through them very quickly. For example, in my video, I created 575 drawings which I animated at 5 drawings per second.

To me, bullying is an important topic which is not often given the attention it deserves. It is true that it is talked about often enough, but I have noticed that since it is often talked about, it tends to become part of everyday life and is made less important.

The goal of my video is to make people aware of this cause by making the message memorable. I wanted it to have a bombshell effect in our minds and for all of us to take away a message after watching it: we must act.

Thank you.
Odile Désaulniers

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