Monday, October 24, 2011

OMSK Math Night

 OMSK had a spooky math night on Monday night.
Students were given a sticker book to collect stickers
as they visited each math station.

 One station had students trying out some computer math games
at the Primary level.  (Most of these sites can be found as links
on the side of this blog---except DreamBox Learning, which is
a paid subscription website from Pearson Education.)

 Mrs. DeMille assists a batty girl with a maze quest.

 Another station had addition and subtraction bowling.
Students had to knock down pins and either add or subtract
the numbers on the pins knocked down.

 The gym had a lot of activities, with a coffin full of goodies
in the centre of the gym.

 The ghoulish mini-putt had some spooky clubs for students to use.
(Not to mention the scary redneck handing out the clubs.)

 A Junior station gave students a puzzling cube construction
with manipulatives to reconstruct the cube.

 Measurement was explored by using a measuring tape
to take measurements of a vampire and a witch.

 Creepy Cup Bounce had students bouncing a ping pong ball
into numbered cups and adding up their total.

 Math hangman (skeleton man) was played,
using math vocabulary such as "mean" and "subitizing".
(Bonus points to Mrs. Martin Abel for using her new vocab
from First Steps in Mathematics training that day.)

 SMARTboard problem solving was also on display.

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