Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Caribou Tomorrow

Get your calculators ready....

Tomorrow is Round One of the Caribou Cup Contest. Grades 3 to 8 can participate in a challenging, on-line learning environment that engages them in problem solving in mathematics. Students from across the country will be participating, in Public schools, Private schools, French schools and, of course, First Nation schools.

i've spent some time in a grade 6 and grade 7 class to give them some support at approaching these questions for tomorrow's contest. Each class has done remarkably well at figuring out how to strategize their way to the proper answer. We used the practice tests from the Caribou website to help them prepare. It was also nice to see students visualize their thinking through the use of diagrams, manipulatives, individual white boards and begin to talk about their process so that other students could hear and learn from each other.

If you haven't signed up yet, you have one more day to do so. You can always participate in future contests, but the Caribou Cup is a cumulative contest, so it's best to start it in October. i am always available to assist in participating in the contest, assisting with registration, and facilitating practice sessions with your class.

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