Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Try These Titles in Your Math Program

We have recently acquired a few Literature titles that are available for sign out from the District Numeracy office. These books are great ways to introduce math concepts/lessons, and some of them contain challenging problems right in the book. If you see a book that interests you, please contact me and i can bring it to your school OR feel free to arrange a time to meet at the office and peruse the entire selection.

The new titles are...

Campbell, Sarah C.

Growing Patterns: Fibonacci numbers in nature

Fisher, Valorie

How High Can a Dinosaur Count? And other math mysteries

Hulme, Joy N.

Wild Fibonacci: Nature’s Secret Code Revealed

Neuschwander, Cindy

Sir Cumference and All the King’s Tens

Strauss, Rochelle

One Well: The Story of Water on Earth


  1. hey mr.rg,

    these look really good.

    am gonna have to check them out.


  2. Come on down and see them anytime...either in person or "anonymously"...wink, wink.