Friday, June 4, 2010

Show Math

Here is a very interesting (and challenging) website that encourages students to have fun while solving tough math riddles. It plays like a virtual board game, where teams of (or individual) students move their character around the board, answering math problems to advance and collect prizes/tokens.

You can select your grade level to adjust the level of difficulty, as most questions are pulled from Mathematics Competitions in different provinces and school boards. Be can become addictive!!!


  1. hey mr.rg.,

    i really appreciate your blog. it's full of useful tools and more importantly, opinions. i like that u post controversial views and some that are diametrically opposed to traditional educational positions. it provokes thought and opinions. keep up the good work. u r an awesome numeracy leader. really......u r.

  2. Thanks so much, Ms. Ireland!!!
    (Or is it Ms. Anonymous?)

    i'm glad you like the "controversial" items. For change and progress to occur, usually we need some debate and uncomfortable introspection/dialogue.

    Please post your opinions whenever the feeling strikes you. Also, keep up your own blog. It's great to read what the students are up to and see those silly pictures.