Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Goodbye for Now (The 150th Post!!)

Thank you to all of you who supported me throughout my first year as District Numeracy teacher for the Six Nations school district. Many of you invited me into your classrooms or offices to discuss math initiatives and bounce ideas off each other to improve the math environment for our students, and i appreciate your collaborative vision and approach. i look forward to working with you again in the fall to improve our students' math performance, conceptual understanding and overall attitude towards math.

Please feel free to leave comments over the summer, if you have any neat ideas, items to share, or just want to let everyone know the square centimeter area of your sunburn (no photos please). i will not be posting regularly but i may add articles, videos and other tidbits as i come across them over the summer. As you know, a teacher never stops thinking or working.

Thanks again for all your support. It means a lot to me and by working together we strengthen the education system for our students and enhance their opportunities for a bright future. Nya:weh/Meegwetch.