Thursday, February 18, 2010

OMSK Family Math Night

i had the pleasure of being amongst the OMSK community at their Family Math night. Despite some blustery weather blowing in sleet and freezing rain, there was an excellent turnout. Parents, guardians and their children were treated to some very fun (and secretly educational) math activities.

There were many great stations set up by over a dozen staff members, with activities ranging from the primary division to the intermediate level. Unfortunately, i was not able to attend and see all of them, as i did have my own activities to run. Some of the highlights i was able to view included some awesome centers in Mr. Anderson's room, a fun use of manipulatives (miras and pattern blocks to teach fractions) presented by Mrs. MacLeod, and a concentration memory game (to help kids learn their numbers and the corresponding written form) being played by Mrs. Reuban. i also heard that the parents of several grade 8 students were involved in a problem solving activity that their own children had completed in class. Not sure how the parents measured up to the students in that task.

An unexpected surprise and treat was a teacher appreciation package, along with some cake, to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week. These were handed out by Ms. Brant and the OMSK Home and School.

All in all, it was a fun night of learning math through games, problem solving, and hands on activities. Parents and students and teaching staff all had smiles on their faces and an increased capacity of math understanding. Way to go, OMSK community!!!

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