Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Little Caribou



The results are in from our grade three/four Caribou contest contestants. We had 8 students participate in the contest, all from grade three. There were 7 from Ms. R. Bomberry's class at IL Thomas and one student from Ms. C. Sowden's class at Emily C. General.

Our highest achiever came in 301st out of 580 participants. Considering that the contest includes grade 4 students, who quite possibly may have made up at least half of the contestants, that is a remarkable achievement for a grade three student. It would be nice to see how our grade fours would have fared.

Other students' results were 303rd, 311th, 447th, 464th, 506th, 533rd and 552nd. Each student should be proud of their accomplishment and their participation. With more practice and experience in writing tests like these, those results will certainly improve, as we saw with the grade 5 and 6 students who participated in the contest the second time around.

Future contest dates and practice tests can always be found at the link on the right that says Caribou Math Contest. Grade 5/6 have another opportunity on April 21st and the final grade 3/4 contest is scheduled for May 19th. i hope to see you all again on those dates!!

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