Monday, May 6, 2013

BrainPOP's Spotlight This Month is Practical Math

Spotlight: Practical MathCount On Us
Thanks to our May Spotlight: Practical Math, your days of searching for engaging math resources are numbered! Practical Math includes topics like Comparing Prices, Customary Units, Division, Estimating, Graphs, Interest, Metric Units, Percents, Scale Drawing, Rounding, and Statistics. K-3 teachers can turn to BrainPOP Jr.'s Inches and Feet, Basic Subtraction, Basic Addition, Dollars and Cents, and more. BrainPOP ESL's movie A High Probability (Level 3, Unit 4, Lesson 3) teaches infinitives as Moby uses probability to rack up orange gumballs. On GameUp, related titles include Battleship Numberline (PlayPower Labs), Flower Power (Mangahigh), A Tangled Web (Mangahigh), Pyramid Panic (Mangahigh), Lure of the Labyrinth: Employee Lounge (Maryland Public Television/MIT Education Arcade), Pearl Diver (New Mexico State University), and Monster School Bus (New Mexico State University). Practical Math lesson plans are another great resource.

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