Monday, April 22, 2013

Rolling to Lose One More Year

Well, it appears as though the red cups are gone and another session of Roll Up the Rim is over.  Let's see how my own coffee purchases stacked up to the odds advertised.

I bought 5 smalls, with no winners, 6 mediums, with no winners, 10 large with 2 winners, and 4 extra large with 1 winner.  That is a total of 25 purchases with 3 winners, for a winning percentage of 12% or roughly 1 in 8.  Tim Horton's advertises winning odds of 1 in 6.  DO they lie?  Am I unlucky?  Both? 

Well, probability is much more than these numbers can attest to, as I have outlined in previous posts.  All I know is that it looks suspiciously apparent that Tim Horton's rewards its higher spending patrons based on the results I got this time around.

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