Monday, January 10, 2011

Some Neat Resources, Albeit Non-math related

This is a general update of the material I have found on the wire this week. There stuff for art, history and social studies, ITGS and computer studies as well as economics and social studies

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Jul 24, 2010

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On the Wire – Art, Maps, Science, ITGS, Social Media and Advertising

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1. An essential guide to digital photography – - This is a useful resource from the Make use of team. Well worth investigating and using in you art/photography classes. This Scribd digital book is worth looking at too.

Check out slideshow The Absolute Beginner's guide to Digital Photography

2. History maps for teachers & students – - This is a resource from Florida’s Education clearinghouse. This site gives you access to a broad range of maps useful in social studies and history.

3. Moonbase Alpha – – this is a steam-powered simulation/game of a moon base, called Moonbase Alpha. The product is produced by NASA and is a free resource. Worth investigating for its obvious links to science. It also has interesting opportunities for cross-curricular studies, too.

4. Google and social media – – this is an info-graphic examining Google's ventures into social media. (My word, they have been busy—but that's very Google.) An interesting resource for ITGS, computer studies, and anyone interested in social media and its evolution.

5. Admongo – - this is a U.S. government website that examines advertising. With resources for teachers, parents, and students this is an interesting website to visit and use for economics, humanities etc. This is a resource focused at 8-12 year olds

6. And finally, this from Lifehacker – the 5 best WYSIWYG HTML editors – a good article and worth reading –

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