Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Caribou Round Two!!

Tomorrow is the second round of the Brock University Caribou Math Contest. So far, I am aware of JC Hill Grade 7 and Emily C. General Grade 3 participating tomorrow in the quest for the Caribou Cup. You can still register today or tomorrow, whole class or small group or even individuals. Even if you did not participate in the first round, you can join in at any time throughout the year.

Click the "Caribou Contest" keyword below to see previous posts regarding the contest. There is also a link on the side to go directly to the Caribou page for details.

Thanks to those teachers who are challenging their students and approaching problem solving, math and technology in this integrated way.

(Note: Caribou Cup pictured at right is NOT the actual Caribou Cup, nor is it a reasonable fascimile. Actual Caribou Cup may differ in size, material and likeness.)

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