Thursday, March 11, 2010

January Numeracy Committee Meeting Minutes

Six Nations District Numeracy Committee Meeting Minutes

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

JC Hill (2:30 – 4:00)

Agenda Items

Present: Alice Anderson, Carrie Froman, Janis Thomas, Judy McNaughton, Joe Restoule General

Absent: Sandy Hill

Review minutes from last meeting

In order to accommodate time for the guest speaker, minutes were e-mailed out for approval in advance of the meeting. No amendments were requested so minutes are considered approved.

Special Guest Presentation by Understanding Math personnel

Cynthia Rutledge from Neufeld Math presented on the Understanding Numeration (K-3) and Understanding Math (4-10) software. Approximately 10 other Six Nations staff members were also able to attend. Cynthia spoke at length about the program and demonstrated several lessons across different strands/grades.

The following are a few pieces of information she shared:

-training is sold along with the software, and is a key element to its success

-the software includes over 3000 lessons

-there is the ability to track progress of students

-it does not need to be used on SMARTboard (though this enhances it); a data projector is sufficient for classroom instruction use

-the software includes word banks for student/teacher use, as well as a search engine

-many lessons explore different approaches to a mathematical concept (for example, five different ways to approach multiplication)

-the entire Thames Valley District School Board has a license

-Neufeld math prefers to sell licenses at a district level (it works out to roughly $25 per student)

-licenses are lifetime, with upgrading included when available

-students are recommended to work in triads, using the “flight plan” method of 1 driver, 1 recorder, and 1 task manager (pilot, navigator, co-pilot); also a student driver at the front of the room to allow teacher to circulate amongst students

-Neufeld is working on other strands besides Numeration for grades K-3

-Cynthia’s e-mail is and she recommended going to to see how the software matches up with the curriculum (correlations).

Math Assessment Tools

Due to the length of the Understanding Math presentation, all other agenda items were moved forward to the next Numeracy Committee meeting. Members did stay after the presentation to discuss a few items, as reported below.

PD planning for Numeracy Nets: Webinar is scheduled for Feb. 25th or March 11th, as Pearson will not be supporting Numeracy Nets with in-person PD, only webinars.

Teacher use?:

Ideas for ONAP implementation:

CAT/Insight Testing Opportunity

Follow up on participation:

Math contest (Caribou)

Upcoming dates/Classes involved:

Yesterday’s results: Teachers were given copies of their school’s Caribou results, as well as certificates to share with the students who participated in the contest.

ILT Literacy/Math Night on November 26th

Report on how it went:

ECG Math Night

There was no information to share about this.

Explore Learning Teacher Passwords


PD opportunity update: Explore Learning has been contacted and are available for a half day or after school PD session.

Mathville 1


Math Trek 4,5,6

Mr. Hickey handed out copies of this software for each school to have.

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