Friday, November 20, 2009

October Numeracy Meeting Minutes

These were just passed and approved at yesterday's Numeracy meeting:

Six Nations District Numeracy Committee Meeting Minutes

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

JC Hill (12:30 – 3:30)

Agenda Items



Present: Carrie Froman, Luanne Martin, Alice Anderson, Sandy Hill, Janis Thomas, Joe Restoule General

Absent: Judy McNaughton

Review of last year’s committee and any unfinished business

Robin Staats asked the question of inviting an LSK rep

Newspaper space for numeracy was discussed last year (see Tammy Claus);

PD involving whiteboards was discussed (see Marlene Martin)

Math nights were planned last year; JAM currently planning a math workshop for parents; ECG did some planning as well

Numeracy Assessment Selection

Overview of assessments was conducted

PRIME was discussed at PAC as too expensive

CAT was considered a similar option as EQAO; it was suggested that should this assessment be explored it be used in Grades 2, 5, and 7 to not coincide with EQAO, but rather give an indicator beforehand

KeyMath workshops are being planned; all schools have a kit

ONAP for grades 4 to 8 to be explored

Numeracy Nets for grades 3 to 8 to be explored

Imperial Oil dollars were raised as a possible source to fund exploration of these assessment tools

Math contest (Caribou)

Contest was explained and viewed

Schools were asked to encourage participation

Gr. 7/8 students in modified programs (LM)

This was brought up to help us develop grade 8 programs better suited for students possibly entering Locally Developed stream

Toni Martin’s name was mentioned in regards to knowing about a Life Skills program

Joe to follow up with Cam McDonald from GEDSB about the Math Connections poster

Comment was made that our high school students have said that once they enter high school they find that the teachers “teach completely different” from the way they were taught previously, meaning no hands on activities.

K-8 Curriculum Continuum from Niagara DSB

This was shared with the committee to share with their respective school staff

It was mentioned that T.I.P.S. has a continuum as well for grades 6 to 10 approximately

The Grade 7-9 continuum put out by Grand Erie (LM)

Question was raised about the origin, implementation and future avenues regarding the Math Connections poster.

Joe to follow up on this with GEDSB

Access to Grade 9 Math Scores (LM)

Question was raised about our ability to access grade 9 EQAO math scores

Joe to follow up on this

Review 3 Year Plan in Draft Form

The committee felt that we could begin implementing this plan as a work in progress; this would mean begin working towards the goals and getting perspectives from the Six Nations staff

In order to do so, it was decided that we needed to revise the original to make it more reader friendly (copies were cut off)

Joe to revise and redistribute for next meeting

Question was raised regarding the number of strands to report for each term

Joe to follow up with GEDSB on this

Numeracy Committee Goals for 09-10

The number one goal was to try and determine a common assessment tool or tools for the district

Future Meeting Dates and Times

Committee determined that Mon to Wed was not good for future meetings

Thursdays were decided upon; request was made to not have meetings the same week as the Literacy committee

Joe to complete schedule, gather feedback, and distribute final schedule

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